Advertising in Sensitive Midwifery Magazine

Sensitive Midwifery Magazine is wholly supported by advertising and cross subsidised by the Sister Lilian Centre's work, as it is free to the reader. We value every bit of support and believe we offer exciting and innovative rewards for the companies involved with us. Our brands, Sensitive Midwifery and Sister Lilian are well-known, tried and trusted throughout South Africa and further afield - they are brands worth associating with! Sensitive Midwifery Magazine provides unique and exciting opportunities for industry partners and advertisers.

Important demographic information for advertisers

  • The print run of Sensitive Midwifery Magazine is currently 3000, though a recent survey shows our readership to be well over 10,000.
  • Readers interact with and influence approximately 300 000 mothers and pregnant women quarterly.
  • Sensitive Midwifery magazine is an MPASA member and is ABC audited.
  • All major private hospital groups in South Africa subscribe in bulk to Sensitive Midwifery Magazine and every other private hospital and major academic hospital in the country receives 2-3 copies.
  • The vast majority of the 88 training institutions in South Africa subscribe too.
  • The private : state distribution sector split is 60:40.


Due to the longevity of each issue of Sensitive Midwifery Magazine and the regular A5 Essential Guide and poster inserts, the ROI for advertisers is great. Not only this, but advertising companies can know that supporting this acclaimed educational initiative is as much a community investment spend, as a marketing one!

To advertise in Sensitive Midwifery Magazine, contact Gillian Richards on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Christine Klynhans on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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