Sensitive Midwifery Academy

Sensitive Midwifery Academy is the home of sensitive, professional midwifery & maternity nursing education. The Academy lives and breathes to help put the heart back in the professions of midwifery and maternity nursing, while helping ensure updated skill and expertise. We believe that the intuitive art of midwifery and the nurturing nature of maternity nursing are the essential ingredients to excellence in these professions.

Sensitive Midwifery Academy has an internal evaluation system for earning on-going learning points which we record and keep track of. For instance, Sensitive Midwifery Symposium earns 4 points for each full day of attendance; Sensitive Midwifery Seminars earn 5 points for each day including the evaluation test; each successfully completed self-learning multi-choice test (pass mark 80%) earns 1 point.

Sensitive Midwifery Academy offers self-learning multi-choice test questionnaires, seminars for professional groups and ad hoc special courses and campaigns. Click on the tabs to the right to learn more.